15 Dec 2008

Oliver Smith - Cirrus [Anjunabeats]

Oliver's Anjunabeats chronicles go back nearly far as the label itself. 'Tomahawk' & 'Nimbus', his first solo releases last year delivered the perfect one-two in launching his solo career. Recently the trance auteur has been putting the finishing touches to his next masterpiece and in December is finally primed to unleash 'Cirrus'!

The Original mix beats a forceful path to the floor with its bellicose beats, stroboscopic synth notes and calling female harmonies. Warming to its theme(s) in the break, it fuels the production with smouldering pads and kicks back in with an anthemic rush of sound.

Over on the B-side, Oliver's 'Late Night' mix casts a more lamenting feel over the production, replacing euphoric with emotion at each key point.

For those that are wondering what 'Cirrus' is, well, it's a cloud formation, and is the sister track to the similarly-themed 'Nimbus'. Heh! You'll always be first with the trance trivia!